(Blood & Roses Series) books 1-4 by Callie Hart

blood & roses callie hart

Title: Blood & Roses Series books 1-4

Author: Callie Hart


Reviewer: Juewelz


Sometimes when you read a book all you can say is READ IT. I LOVED IT! READ IT! But I know with the plethora of books out there sometimes just telling someone to read a book isn’t good enough. So I am going to tell you WHY you HAVE to start the DEVIANT series!

A little back story…

Miri originally suggested this series to all of us when she added to her MUST reads for Summer 2014. She told me I would like this book and that Z was really HOT. She mentioned something about “blood play” and a knife.. LOL I added it to my TBR  at this point and snatched book 1 which was FREE (still is today) . But when I saw Author Caisey Quinn basically posting orgasmic facebook status updates about the Blood & Roses series. I knew this was for me!!

A little bit about this series

So yea about that. This is a novella series. Each book is under 165 pages approx. 30-40k words in length.So far there are 4 books out. Book 5 comes out 8/20/14. When I tell you book 1 starts off AMAZING it does. How about starting off with reading a character lose her virginity in one of the most sexiest, mysterious and hottest ways ever! I can’t give it away. But you can read about it in book 1 for FREE. After that introduction scene I was HOOKED!

Blood & Roses series focuses on Sloane she’s a #Boss chick! I love her. She’s one of my favorite female characters. She is a doctor,single and trying to find her missing sister. In her process of trying to find her missing sister she gets mixed up with the wrong crowd and doesn’t even know it. Her dark knight covered in tattoos is stalking in the distance to protect her and his name is Zeth Mayfair!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness just saying his name lol.

Yes ladies Zeth Mayfair he is officially on my book boyfriend list. So many things about him just drive me crazy and wow. But we will get to that a little later. Zeth is the kind of guy once you meet him you will NEVER forget him . Sloane knows she recognizes him from somewhere…

Blood & Roses is filled with both blood and roses lol just like the book says. This book has violence, sex and one sexy alpha male. There are some themes in here that could classify this book/bedroom scenes as “BDSM” but as my man Zeth says.. he is no DOM he just likes what he likes. OMG ladies when he says it in his own words it much more hotter. Zeth plays no games. Some of you may think he’s mean. But for girls like me and Sloane thats exactly what we LIKE! And our girl Sloane dishes it right back to him. Zeth calls her “angry girl” lol.

What I didn’t like about this book…

Just a few things.


The fact that this is a novella series ! Ugh I hate this theme in the indie community. Novella’s are good but when you LOVE  the books novellas can be really bad.I want all the books at one time so I can binge read. This wait kills me!

Why this is bad for this series.

Well the pricing. So far the author states this Continue reading ‘(Blood & Roses Series) books 1-4 by Callie Hart’

Promotional Post [Beast] (Part 1) by Ella James

This is an erotic fairy tale inspired by Beauty and the Beast.

At twenty-one years old, third-generation movie star Cal Hammond was on top of the world. He had more money than God and more women than any man could need. But when a night of debauchery ends in tragedy, he forfeits a life of luxury for a ten-year prison sentence at La Rosa, California’s most violent prison.

Eight years later, a ruthless, cunning man runs La Rosa from the inside. He is known simply as BEAST. All the wardens fear him. All the gangs obey him. He speaks to no one but his inner council. What he says is law.

Annabelle Mitchell’s father is the warden at La Rosa. He deals as dirty as his trustees, and after years of smooth relations with Beast and the gangs he runs, Holt lands on the powerful prisoner’s hit list. That very afternoon, Annabelle pays a surprise visit to her father’s work, hoping to use her new counseling license at a place she thinks she could make a difference. When she catches Beast’s eye, he releases the warden and grabs the daughter. The price for the warden’s error is not death. It’s his precious Belle.

Purchase on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1yBwIpY Continue reading ‘Promotional Post [Beast] (Part 1) by Ella James’

Review: [Shelter Me] (Second Chance Ranch #1) by Catherine Mann



Title: Shelter Me (Second Chance Ranch #1)
Author: Catherine Mann
Rating: lips20pxlips20pxlips20px
Reviewer: Midian




If I had to describe this story in one word, it would be Sweet.
But wait, it was alsoo packed with emotions, and it’s a wonder it didn’t piss me off that much!

Sometimes I found myself being a total bitch, but then I thought of the huge loss the family went through and that took
my bitchiness down a notch lol
Something must be said about Mann’s writing, it’s good, you will find yourself immersed in the story.

At times I didn’t know where the story was going, but I enjoyed it nevertheless.

Go ahead, read it, you’ll like it, I’m sure lol


Nestled in the sunny fields of Tennessee lies the McDaniel family’s Second Chance Ranch Animal Rescue. Two new arrivals are on their way, but only one is the four-legged kind.

Staff Sergeant Mike Kowalski wants only one thing after he gets home from Iraq: to sleep in a king-sized bed with clean sheets. But first, he has to hand off his fallen commander’s dog, Trooper, to his family without handing off his heart to Sierra…

Sierra McDaniel needs a break. Her family life is crazy, and when she’s not mucking out kennels, she’s slogging through grad school. Sierra certainly doesn’t want another dog, especially one that reminds her of her father. And she definitely doesn’t want to see Mike with that charming smile of his…

But Trooper has a mission of his own. Before too long Mike is moving to the ranch to lend a hand—and hoping for his own second chance with Sierra.

Cover Reveal [Fear of Heights] (Heightsbound #2) by Mara White


Title: Fear of Heights (Heightsbound #2))

Author: Mara White

Genre: Erotica

Publication Date: September 16, 2014



What are you willing to sacrifice for love?

Your family? Your freedom? What about your life?

She’s a wealthy, forty-three-year-old Upper East Sider with a PhD – He’s a twenty-three-year-old Dominican drug dealer from Washington Heights.

Kate Champion always did exactly what was expected of her. She was the perfect wife, the perfect mother – until the day she met Jaylee Inoa.

Their journey travels a path riddled with danger, deceit, scandal and loss – where nothing is as it seems. Yet Kate and Jaylee’s passion for one another remains nearly unstoppable.

Will this daring pair of lovers from two different worlds triumph over circumstance? Can they deny the past in their quest to be together? Or is fear the ultimate navigator – a force more powerful than love?


I’m a reader, a writer, and a lover of all things romantic. I’m also a coffee, hot sauce, ink, telenovela and Bikram Yoga enthusiast. I live in New York City with my husband and two children, and I spend a lot of time on the playground.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heightsbound

Twitter: https://twitter.com/authormarawhite

Author Website: marawhite.com

Author GoodReads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7372906.Mara_White




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Review [One Night:Promised] (The One Night Trilogy #1) by Jodi Ellen Malpas



Title: One Night: Promised (The One Night Trilogy #1)

Author: Jodi Ellen Malpas

Rating:   1/2

Reviewer: Juewelz


The announcement that there was a new series from Author Jodi Ellen Malpas is a huge reason to squee if I don’t know when else to squee then this is def one! Between the announcements, teasers and blurb I was so ready for the One Night series!

A little about this book:

In One Night we meet Livy a 20 something coffee shop worker. Livy is really down to earth and a fun relatable character. She is single, awkward, a little self conscious and enjoys spending her Friday nights wrapped up in a book. I enjoyed being in her thoughts and reading her POV because I could relate to her in so many ways. All of Livy’s friends and her funny Grandma are all about Livy getting a man. Well to their surprise and Livy’s in comes M . The sexy blue eyed business man. He see’s Livy and gives her proposition for one night. One night to be worshiped and adored by him. I mean who can deny that!? Once M’s character is introduced in the story you will see what I am talking about . He has this mystery and sex appeal that is undeniable.

What I liked about this book

Where do I begin…

Keep in mind this is book 1 in a series. So the first book is full of lots of character build up . I really enjoyed reading this story and getting to know the characters. Livy is funny. Her awkwardness and inner thoughts I found very entertaining .

I love how Author Jodi Malpas stays true to what she knows. Being a British author I love that her characters also are British. Just like readers from other countries love reading about Am Continue reading ‘Review [One Night:Promised] (The One Night Trilogy #1) by Jodi Ellen Malpas’

Review [Virgin] by Radika Sanghani



Author: Radhika Sanghani



amazon AddtoGoodreads


“Soooo….anyone out there want sex? Anyone? Hello? Just for fun?”

Ellie is a 21 year old Virgin.. she has had bad luck trying to lose her virginity. She’s been trying and trying but things always get in the way.

What I liked about the book:

The concept was new.. I loved that the author wrote a book about a virgin with so many insecurities. I cannot relate to some of things Ellie went through but I can see many late bloomers have. I loved her friends and the conversations were funny.

What I didn’t like:

I though Ellie was too desperate to try and lose her virginity. I fell that she was going to give it to anyone willing to give her some attention. Like Paul, when she met Paul she was already forge Continue reading ‘Review [Virgin] by Radika Sanghani’

Review [No Attachments] (Woodfalls Girls #1) by Tiffany King

No Attachments (Woodfalls Girls, #1)

Title: No Attachments (Woodfalls Girls #1)

Author: Tiffany King


Reviewer: Jenn


No Attachments, well this book totally captured my attention just by reading the blurb but it was SO much more than I ever expected! What a journey!

Ashton is a girl running away from the past, literally. She has moved to a small town to start over where no one knows her or anything about what her life used to be. She’s a girl with secrets but that doesn’t stop her from trying to live her life to the fullest, she’s even got a list. Ashton also plans to never let anyone hurt her, or allow herself to hurt anyone again.

Nathan, with his uber-sexy voice, is also a man with secrets, and when he meets Ashton he thinks he’s just doing his job. Of course, he’s been hurt before and has no plans to let someone in again, but a little naughty time with sexy Ashton couldn’t possibly be a bad thing, right?

I absolutely LOVED these two from the very beginning straight through to the last word! Ashton is such a strong woman, but she’s got a fragile side too, and even though she tries to hide it, it’s still such a part of who she is. I felt the same way about Nathan too, and my heart was immediately attached ;) to them. And it’s not just the main characters that you fall in love with, her friends are absolutely wonderful! Tressa – simply amazing!

When Ashton and Nathan each realize they’ve gone from no-feelings involved sex to wanting more they both have to reveal their secrets and oh my, did that do a number on my emotions. *Insert tissues here* I became so invested in these two that there were moments where I shook the book wit Continue reading ‘Review [No Attachments] (Woodfalls Girls #1) by Tiffany King’

Promotional Event: [Escaping Me] by Elizabeth Lee

Escaping Me by Elizabeth Lee will be on sale from August 2-9! Check out the excerpt below and grab the book today!

Title: Escaping Me
Author: Elizabeth Lee
Age Group: NA
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: July 30, 2013


All she wanted to do was forget. Forget the memory of walking in on her boyfriend in the middle of, well, another girl. Forget how she had her entire life planned out. And, forget about being perfect all the time. Unfortunately, she was Whitney Vandaveer and despite the fact that she moved to the middle of nowhere – she couldn’t.

He always knew he would never be more than nothing. No job, no money, no future. Cole Pritchett had accepted the fact that he would always be the screw up and he was okay with it. Until he met her.

Here’s the thing they quickly found out – sometimes we all need a little help escaping who we think we are.

Continue reading ‘Promotional Event: [Escaping Me] by Elizabeth Lee’

Review [LEAD] (Stage Dive #3) by Kylie Scott


Title: Lead (Stage Dive #)

Author: Kylie Scott


Reviewer: Juewelz



She did it again! I knew I was going to LOVE Lead and it did not disappoint me at all! This time around I decided I would get the ebook vs listen to the audible. I was a little nervous about this switch because I have been wondering if I would love these characters as much as I did when listening to the wonderful narrator . But I did ! Author Kylie Scott and her characters seriously grabs my undivided attention.

A little bit about LEAD

Lead is about my boo David from Lick book 1 brother Jimmy.  I do not remember much about Jimmy in book 1 but he def had a good introduction in book 2 Play. Jimmy is described as guarded, angry and with a past of alcohol and drug abuse.

I just knew I was going to love this character with his flaws and all. I have a serious thing for redemption characters . I find them relatable and realistic characters. Jimmy is the singer in Stage Dive and in LEAD we get to see him go through the beginning stages of recovery. Making amends , accepting his past mistakes and learning to love for the first time.

What I loved about this book:

I LOVE Jimmy! I could literally just say that to sum things up, but Continue reading ‘Review [LEAD] (Stage Dive #3) by Kylie Scott’

Review [Rogue] (Real #4) by Katy Evans


Title: Rogue (Real #4)

Author: Katy Evans


Reviewer: Juewelz


There’s a storm coming ladies and it’s name is Greyson King!

A little bit about Rogue:

Rogue is about Melanie . We first met Melanie in book 1 REAL in this series. Melanie is BFF’s to Brooke the heroine in books 1-3 in the Real series. In Rogue we learn about Melanie from her POV. To be honest with you when I first herd about the book I was not interested because I felt like Melanie wasn’t that big in the first two books to deserve her own ( I have not read book 3 REMY ). But when the author started posting teasers and I read the blurb I was okay i’m sold. I NEED to know who this lying ass sexy man is and I am so glad I know about Greyson King.

What I loved about the book:

As I stated before I didn’t think Melanie had a strong enough impact in the story to deserve her own book but I was proven WRONG. There is so much about Melanie that we didn’t know because we were all so wrapped up and consumed in the world of Brooke + Remy. After reading Rogue i’ve realized I personally have more in common with Melanie. So it was easier to really get sucked into her thoughts and feelings. I LOVED how this book was told in dual POV! You know how Author Katy Evans does. She says her characters take over her and she just writes. Well, these characters took over me too. One second I am laying across my bed “real” quick to read a chapter and the next thing I know the sun is going down. This is a book that you will start and not stop until done.

Unless you are like me and it took your iPad dying for you to take a break.

Also in true Katy Evans style we have an unapologetic, alpha male who loves HARD! And TAKES what he WANTS!Brooke is no Lady and Greyson is no Tramp. LOL These two have backgrounds, lived life and had previous sexual partners. Some may think Melanie is a little loose goose Continue reading ‘Review [Rogue] (Real #4) by Katy Evans’



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